ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary) is an international, double-blind peer review, open access journal with online (E-ISSN- 2343-6662) that seeks to promote scholarly writings and publication in academia and industry in a wide area of specialization. The regional coverage of the study and location of the study do not whatsoever matter for ADRRI Journal consideration.

Since its inception, the journal has published research papers of high quality and strives to promote scholarly debate across a broad international coverage of subject. The journal is multidisciplinary and thus, considers papers in the subject areas but not limited to: environmental, labour economics, economics in general, gender studies, child rights, social, and cultural sustainability, including land resources, water resources, energy, agriculture, purchasing and supply, procurement, ecology, environmental management and protection, health risks, education, human relations, child protection, social policy, corporate social responsibility, law, governance, urban planning, transportation, products & services, management, marketing & financial development, technological development, public policy formulation, engineering, trade, medicine, nutrition, vocation and technical education, hospitality, poverty.

This journal started publication on October, 2013 as the first journal of the Africa Development and Resources Research Institute.

E-ISSN:                            2343-6662

Publication Frequency:  Quarterly

Start Date:                       October, 2013

Publishing Model

The journal publication is Open Access (

60 days

Submission to first decision

75 days

Submission to acceptance